The new promotional activities of Louis Vuitton: the appoint of journey opening

The combination of photography and director Inez and Vinoodh new creation of the “the appoint of journey” will appear in the world’s largest museum in the Louvre, a Louis Vuitton girl as the protagonist in a series of images and a film. The Louvre has been a residence of Empress Eugenie, has long been regarded as the cradle of Louis Vuitton’s development all the time, and as the bourgeois of Louis Vuitton, she appointed Louis Vuitton to be responsible for its luggage packaging and management.

This work also marks that Louis Vuitton will open a new chapter of publicity by a magical journey. Drama tension and imagination throughout the film with a theme of travel, at the same time, to invite everyone to become the master of their own destiny.

Louis Vuitton

Kind Invitation

In November 11 evening, a period of up to 60 seconds of the film will be broadcast on the major TV to the public, the heroine of the advertising stepped into the vast Louvre Palace, and began a fabulous adventure. The episode unfolds in the theme of ” the appoint of journey “—-about her mysterious journey to an unknown destination, and finally to an unknown destination…… Full-length 2 and a half minutes of the full version of the short film will login theaters on November 12th, and will also present in Louis Vuitton official website on November 12th.

Summary of the Story

Paris, and its secrets…… Over the centuries, in the most exciting and intricate stories, the Louvre will always be the shadow of this cultural and historical halls.

A brave young woman hurried into the famous palace, opened the prelude to the story. She wore a key, passing by the Mona Lisa Smile and a series of masterpieces of the Italian art, began her quest trip—- A mysterious man pursued her footsteps–Of course, passing from the camera lens there are more than 150 years of legendary Louis Vuitton suitcase.

At the end of the story, a huge hot air balloon slowly lifted from the Louvre Courthouse Cour Carrée, a space shuttle tour started. The beautiful and mystery girl left the Louvre to the distance, started the journey of fate.

Classic Work

In the film, Louis Vuitton girl with Speedy Monogram Empreinte handbag. As one of the classic design of Louis Vuitton launched in 1926, this handbag with exquisite elegant Monogram re-interpretation, demonstrated the history of Louis Vuitton heritage and craftsmanship once again.

In addition, Louis Vuitton use the key as inspiration, using three colors of gold material, to create a 1000 Monogram Idylle style keys with the same paragraph.

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